Capture the Story
Behind Your Idea

You don't need to present yourself as a mega successful entrepreneur to connect with real people.

In fact, telling the real story behind your idea fosters more meaningful connections.

1. Fill in the blank spaces in this template
2. Get clarity about how to talk about your idea
3. Share a succinct and powerful message

Let's connect by being real ↓ Clear form

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Why is this solution so important? (fill out last)
How did you run into this problem?
Why is it frustrating?
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Illustrate this problem in a relatable way 😡
What solution did you try first?
How did that attempt end in disaster?
What's your solution all about?
What's the cool loophole you found?
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Highlight the sweet loophole you found 🍭
Who did you design it for?
What do you hope they'll get out of it?
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What's it even good for? Blow 'em away 👩‍🔬
Story from a real person (testimonial)
Their name and expertise
Motivate people to get started
When it comes down to it, why should they care?
Your one line pitch for people in-the-know
Nerd out about your shared passion with the reader


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