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Real people will believe in your idea if you share the real story behind how you came up with it.

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Why is this solution so important?
How did you run into this problem?
Why is it frustrating?
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Illustrate this problem so people recognize it
What solution did you try first?
How did that solution end in disaster?
What's your solution all about?
What's the cool loophole you found?
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Highlight the cool loophole you found
What kind of person did you design this for?
What do you hope they'll achieve with it?
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Showcase the main benefit of your product.
Story from a real person (testimonial)
Their name and expertise
Motivate people to get started
When it comes down to it, why should they care?
Your one line pitch for people in-the-know
Make it personal, really try to connect with someone specific

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